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Archive for July, 2017

Agreement to protect some food service jobs in San Antonio

Monday, July 31st, 2017

An agreement between he U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division and Sonic Industries Services Inc. may go to help food service jobs in San Antonio.

The Labor Department and the franchisor of the SONIC Drive-In restaurant chain – have signed a voluntary agreement to help SONIC’s independently owned and operated franchise locations comply with federal labor laws.

As part of the agreement, the Oklahoma City-based franchisor will provide a forum and the resources needed to assist the division in educating SONIC Drive-In owners, managers, and employees nationwide.

“We encourage other franchisors to follow SONIC’s example and take similar steps to benefit their franchises’ employees and owners by complying with the law,” said Wage and Hour Division Deputy Administrator for Program Operations, Patricia Davidson. “Abiding by the law makes better business sense than facing the prospect of paying back wages, damages, and penalties for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

The Division will provide easy-to-use compliance assistance tools designed for the franchise restaurant industry. The package will include video and online training, educational articles for use in internal company publications, and sample training materials for use in company staff meetings. The Division will also make representatives available to provide training and compliance assistance to SONIC franchisees, and the Division and SONIC will collaborate using publicly available data to promote franchisee compliance with the FLSA.

SONIC Drive-In is the nation’s largest drive-in restaurant chain, serving approximately 3 million customers daily. Nearly 94 percent of its 3,500 drive-in locations are locally owned and operated.


Finance jobs in San Antonio climb

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

The new labor statistics show that finance jobs in San Antonio are growing.

Employment rose in healthcare, social assistance, financial activities, and mining. Employment growth has averaged 180,000 per month thus far this year, in line with the average monthly gain of 187,000 in 2016.

In June, health care added 37,000 jobs. Employment increased in ambulatory health care services (+26,000) and hospitals (+12,000). Health care has added an average of 24,000 jobs per month in the first half of 2017, compared with a monthly average of 32,000 jobs in 2016.

Social assistance employment increased by 23,000 in June. Within the industry, employment continued to trend up in individual and family services (+12,000) and in child day care services (+8,000).

Social assistance has added 115,000 jobs over the last 12 months. Employment in financial activities rose by 17,000 in June and has grown by 169,000 over the year. Securities, commodity contracts, and investments added 5,000 jobs over the month.

In June, mining employment grew by 8,000, with most of the growth in support activities for mining (+7,000).

Since a recent employment low in October 2016, mining has added 56,000 jobs.

Employment in professional and business services continued to trend up in June (+35,000) and has grown by 624,000 over the last 12 months.

Employment in food services and drinking places also continued on an upward trend in June (+29,000). The industry has added 277,000 jobs over the year.

Are women with San Antonio jobs focusing on careers?

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Some women with San Antonio jobs may be delaying having a family to focus on a career, according to a recent Careerbuilder survey.

Eighty-three percent of women over the age of 25 who plan to have children are postponing starting a family to focus on their career, compared to 79 percent of men.

Wanting to earn and save enough money to provide for their family was the top reason given by both women and men who plan to have children (50 percent and 53 percent, respectively), followed by the desire to become more established and get ahead in their career (28 percent and 33 percent, respectively).

One in seven women who plan to have children (15 percent) said they are waiting until at least age 35 to start a family. Sixty-three percent are waiting until at least age 30. Men were twice as likely to postpone having children until at least age 35 at 30 percent. They were equally likely to wait until at least age 30 at 64 percent.

When asked to estimate the salary they would ultimately reach in their careers, men were much more likely than women to report they expect to earn $100,000 or more. Forty-four percent of men said they expect to reach a six figure salary compared to 20 percent of women.

On average, the highest salary men said they expect to reach during their careers is around $137,000. Women anticipate reaching around $79,000 on average.

Men are also more likely than women to expect higher job levels during their career, more than doubling women’s expectation percentage in company owner and vice president levels. Twenty-two percent of women expect to remain or reach entry-level compared to 10 percent of men.


Company creates customer service jobs in San Antonio

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

A media company is creating more customer service jobs in San Antonio.

Hulu has said it will open its new Viewer Experience Operations headquarters in San Antonio, TX, pending final lease negotiations, incentive  agreements and approvals. The new Viewer Experience Operations headquarters will substantially increase Hulu’s customer support capabilities as the company prepares to roll out its new live TV service and redesigned Hulu interface.

“One of our key values at Hulu is putting the viewer first, and vital to that is crafting and delivering an extraordinary customer experience. In addition to building a great product, we’re building an infrastructure that allows us to provide the most personal, responsive and knowledgable customer support for our viewers,” said Ben Smith, Head of Experience, Hulu. “With its vibrant culture and large and diverse talent pool, we’re incredibly excited to partner with the city to make San Antonio home to our viewer experience operations.”

“In Texas, our mission is to set the stage for growing industries with a business-friendly policy approach which allows for creativity and technology to thrive,” said Governor Abbott. “With the opening of Hulu’s new viewer experience operations headquarters, Texas not only benefits from the addition of new jobs, but also the confidence that fast-growing companies bring with them when they select the Lone Star State as the best place for their investments. I proudly welcome Hulu’s viewer experience operations headquarters to Texas and look forward to their tremendous success in San Antonio.”

“When our team visited Los Angeles a few weeks ago, this is exactly the outcome we were working toward, and I’m so excited that Hulu has selected San Antonio for its next major investment, keeping these jobs in the U.S.,” said San Antonio Mayor Ivy R. Taylor. “As a leader in the tech industry, Hulu’s decision to grow here is a testament to our City’s growing tech industry and our skilled and talented workforce, which were both heavily emphasized during our visit with the company’s leadership.”