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Are college students confident about San Antonio jobs?

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

College students may not be very confident about San Antonio jobs. has released a new survey that shows gender disparities in confidence and perceived earning ability among those in college and college graduates in the early phase of their careers.

About 81% of respondents currently enrolled in college report feeling at least somewhat confident in securing a job after graduation.

But only 16% of women feel “absolutely confident,” compared to 27% of men. Results also showed a gender gap in the perceived ability to find a high-paying job, with 48% of men enrolled in college believing their first job salary will exceed $50,000 compared to just 33% of women.

There is a distinct gender gap in the perceived importance of college degrees. For women, the value of a degree decreased with experience and time; for men, however, it remained stable or increased. When college students were asked how important their degree would be to the success of their career, 82% said it would be important. In contrast, only 62% of female college graduates said their college degree has been important to their careers.

According to the survey, 83% of male students compared to 74% of female students say they are prepared to start their college career; when college graduates were asked how prepared college made them for their career, males reported slightly higher rates (88%) and females views were stable (76%) compared to college students.