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Are people in San Antonio jobs overweight?

Monday, May 4th, 2015

A new study from Careerbuilder finds that a lot of people with San Antonio jobs, among other locations, think they are overweight.

Fifty-seven percent of U.S. workers feel they are overweight, up from 55 percent in 2014. Additionally, 42 percent of workers say they’ve gained weight in their present job, up from 39 percent last year. Twenty-two percent reported gaining more than 10 pounds, while 16 percent of workers say they’ve lost weight.

When asked what they felt contributed to their weight gain at their current job, 37 percent of workers said “eating because of stress,” and 43 percent said they are “too tired from work to exercise.” Sedentary behavior, however, is seen as the leading culprit, in workers’ minds. Fifty-six percent said “sitting at the desk most of the day” contributed to the weight gain at their present job.

Industry/Job type: Workers in desk or office-based jobs are more likely to be gaining weight at their present job:
•Professional & Business Services: 51 percent
•IT: 48 percent
•Financial Services: 45 percent
•Health Care: 45 percent
•Sales: 41 percent
•Leisure & Hospitality: 39 percent
•Manufacturing 39 percent
•Retail: 35 percent

Gender: Women (46 percent) are more likely to report gaining weight at their present jobs than men (38 percent).

Job-level: Workers in management roles (43 percent) are almost equally likely as workers in non-management roles (42 percent) to report weight gains at their present jobs.

Age: Workers in the middle of their careers appear more prone to weight gain than younger or mature workers. Forty-five percent of workers age 35-54 reported gaining weight at their present job, compared to 38 percent of workers age 18-34 and 39 percent of workers 55+.