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Career exploration and San Antonio jobs

Monday, November 5th, 2018

A new campaign may help connect job seekers with San Antonio jobs.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) announced a statewide career exploration campaign and website called “Jobs Y’all: Your Career. Your Story.” The campaign is designed to inspire young Texans to discover and explore the state’s in-demand industries and learn about skills needed to enter the workforce.
The Jobs Y’all campaign originated as a need to create greater awareness of the link between jobs and education, as identified by Tri-Agency partners TWCTexas Education Agency and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Then, with participation from employers, industry association representatives, workforce developers, and other stakeholders, a priority recommendation was to raise awareness of fast-growing industry sectors, as well as how to address the skills gap.
“We listened to employers who requested support in reaching our future workforce with an inspirational campaign to inform and inspire them about in-demand occupations and how to prepare for these exciting careers,” said TWC Chair Ruth R. Hughs. “The goal of the Jobs Y’all career exploration campaign is to raise awareness about the strength of Texas industries and inspire and attract students in order to bolster future job creation and remain economically competitive in the 21st century.”
TWC selected “Jobs Y’all: Your Career. Your Story.” for a fun, memorable name grounded in Texas roots and the concept of taking charge of one’s future. This message resonated with young adults who feel a sense of state pride, are accustomed to viewing and sharing stories online, and who want to feel in control of their lives.
The website will introduce users to eight industries, a career explorer app, and online resources:
  • Featured industries:Aerospace and Defense; Advanced Technology and Manufacturing; Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Healthcare; Construction; Energy; Information & Computer Technology; Petroleum Refining & Chemical Products; and Transportation & Logistics.
  • Career Explorer:Search by industry, occupation and geography to learn about job projections and average wages.
  • Resources:Texas Career CheckTexas Reality Check, and Texas Internship Challenge.