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Company recruits for marketing jobs in San Antonio

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

The Alliance has announced a key hire for marketing jobs in San Antonio.

Aftermark et Auto Parts Alliance, Inc. announced that Dan Williford has been hired as Marketing Director effective May 31, 2011. Working from the San Antonio, Texas headquarters office, Williford will report directly to president and CEO, John R. Washbish.

Even better news for Williford – recent BLS reports posit that workers in San Antonio are making better-than-average wages for San Antonio jobs.

According to AfterMarketBusiness, Williford has 20 years of aftermarket experience divided between the distribution and manufacturing sides of the business. Most recently he served as marketing director for Airtex Products, headquartered in Fairfield, Ill. Williford earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from East Carolina University.

Williford plans on relocating to the San Antonio office in the very near future.