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Customer service jobs in San Antonio show growth

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

A new survey from Careerbuilder shows that there may be big growth on the horizon when it comes to customer service jobs in San Antonio.

Thirty-six percent of employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in 2016, the same as 2015. Nearly half of employers (47 percent) plan to hire temporary or contract workers.


While more than a third of employers are increasing full-time, permanent headcount, 45 percent anticipate no change. One in ten employers (10 percent) plan to decrease staff levels, while 9 percent are unsure of their hiring plans.

Comparing industries, financial services (46 percent), information technology (44 percent), and health care (43 percent) are expected to outperform the national average for employers adding full-time staff. Manufacturing (37 percent) is expected to mirror the national average.

Of the employers who plan to increase the number of full-time employees in the new year, the top areas they’ll be recruiting for include:

  • Customer Service – 32 percent
  • Information Technology – 29 percent
  • Sales – 27 percent
  • Production – 24 percent
  • Administrative – 20 percent
  • Marketing – 18 percent
  • Business Development – 16 percent
  • Human Resources – 16 percent
  • Accounting/Finance – 15 percent
  • Engineering – 13 percent