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Education requirements for San Antonio jobs climbing?

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

More education requirements may soon become the norm for many San Antonio jobs.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 27 percent of employers say their educational requirements for employment have increased over the last five years and 30 percent are hiring more college-educated workers for positions that were previously held by high school graduates.

One in five employers (20 percent) are now targeting Master’s degree holders for positions previously held by those with four-year degrees. A third (33 percent) of employers are sending current employees back to school for an advanced degree, and a majority of that group (81 percent) are at least offering partial funding.

A large majority of employers hiring college-educated workers for occupations previously held by high-school graduates are seeing positive results. Eighty-six percent cite at least one positive impact, including revenue:

· Higher-quality work: 56 percent

· Productivity: 45 percent

· Innovation/Idea generation: 41 percent

· Communication: 41 percent

· Employee retention: 27 percent

· Revenue: 19 percent

· Customer loyalty/retention: 17 percent

· None: 16 percent

Employers are essentially split on the reasons for why they are hiring more college-educated workers for traditionally high-school level work:

· 58 percent said they’re able to get degree holders “because of the tight labor market.”

· 55 percent said “skills for my positions have evolved, requiring higher-educated labor.”