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Employers hire for seasonal jobs in San Antonio

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Several employers have said in a recent Careerbuilder survey that they plan to hire for seasonal jobs in San Antonio, among other locations.

Nearly three in 10 employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees in the fourth quarter, up four percentage points over last year. One in four expect to hire seasonal workers, including 43 percent of retailers.

Thirty-four percent of employers added full-time, permanent headcount in Q3, up from 28 percent in the same period in 2013. Ten percent decreased headcount – a slight improvement over 11 percent last year – while 54 percent made no change to staff levels and 2 percent were unsure.

About 29 percent of employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in Q4, up from 25 percent in the same period in 2013. Nine percent expect to reduce staff, on par with last year. Fifty-seven percent anticipate no change and 5 percent are unsure.

wo in five retailers (43 percent) plan to hire seasonal workers in Q4. Last year, 39 percent of retailers had expected to add workers for the holidays.

While retailers typically take center stage when it comes to seasonal employment, companies across industries are looking for extra hands on deck. Twenty-six percent plan to hire seasonal employees in Q4, and 42 percent of these companies expect to transition some seasonal staff members into full-time, permanent roles.

Pay for seasonal workers will increase over last year, according to 27 percent of employers. Thirteen percent anticipate it will decrease. Sixty-three percent of seasonal employers will pay $10 or more per hour while 19 percent will pay $16 or more.