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Employers optimistic about transportation jobs in San Antonio

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

The latest Manpower survey reflects an optimism about transportation jobs in San Antonio in 2014.

According to the survey, U.S. employers report a seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of +13%.

About 17 percent anticipate an increase in staff levels in their Quarter 1 2014 hiring plans, while 7 percent expect a decrease in payrolls, resulting in a Net Employment Outlook of +10%. When seasonally adjusted, the Net Employment Outlook becomes +13%.

Seventy-three percent of employers expect no change in their hiring plans. The final 3 percent of employers are undecided about their hiring intentions.

For Quarter 1 2014, employers have a positive Outlook in all 13 industry sectors included in the survey: Leisure & Hospitality (+23%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (+19%), Professional & Business Services (+16%), Transportation & Utilities (+13%), Information (+13%), Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+12%), Mining (+11%), Durable Goods Manufacturing (+10%), Financial Activities (+10%), Construction (9%), Education & Health Services (+8%), Other Services (+6%) and Government (+6%).

When the industry sector data is compared quarter-over-quarter, staff levels are expected to remain relatively stable among employers in 12 industry sectors. Only Transportation & Utilities employers anticipate a slight decrease in the hiring pace.

Employers in all four U.S. regions surveyed report positive Net Employment Outlooks. Quarter-over-quarter, plans to add workers remain consistent among employers in all regions. Compared to one year ago at this time, employers in the South project a slight increase in hiring for Quarter 1 2014, while employers in the Northeast, Midwest and West expect a relatively stable hiring environment.

This represents the strongest Outlook reported in Quarter 1 since 2008 when the Outlook was +16%. At +13%, the Outlook is the same as the Quarter 4 2013 Outlook and is up from +12% during the same period last year.

“Employers remain optimistic and continue to gradually improve their hiring projections despite the uneven economic recovery and other global and domestic influences,” said Jonas Prising, President, ManpowerGroup. “We’re starting to see talent strategy match the importance of business strategy as individuals with the right skills and experience become harder to find. Today, almost every major business decision focuses on knowing how to access, mobilize and optimize workforces to remain competitive.”