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Good jobs in San Antonio easier to find?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

According to a recent poll, job seekers are saying that good jobs in San Antonio (and cities nationwide in general) are easier to find.

The survey was conducted by FPC, a national executive search firm with close to 70 franchise offices.

Of the approximately 1,300 professionals who responded to a recent Workplace Web Poll, 49% of respondents indicated that there are more good job openings than there were a year ago, or that their company hiring had increased over last year. Just over a third reported a continued lack of job openings in their field, or that their company was holding off on hiring new employees, and 16% of respondents were unsure.

Ron Herzog, CEO & President of FPC, said, “Nearly half of job seekers we surveyed reported more hiring activity in their field than a year ago, while half of the job seekers said they have turned down a job offer in their current or more recent job search. These responses are consistent with the overall trend our FPC offices are seeing in the marketplace. There are more competitive jobs out there, and strong candidates with in-demand skills are receiving multiple offers in what has become a very tight talent market.