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Grants go to San Antonio education jobs

Monday, June 5th, 2017

Fifteen San Antonio education providers received $ 4.2 million in grants from Pre-K 4 SA in April 2016 to expand and enhance their early childhood education programs, which also enhanced San Antonio education jobs.

The funds have helped school districts like Northeast Independent School District and Northside Independent School District to extend their pre-kindergarten programs from half day to full day, adding teachers, training and technology to ensure the highest quality learning environment.

“The Competitive Grants Program is a powerful tool for delivering on the promise of high-quality prekindergarten for San Antonio’s four year olds,” said Baray. “Not only are we engaging and preparing our youngest learners for success, we are also investing dollars into the community’s early childhood education infrastructure. It’s a win-win for San Antonio.”

Pre-K 4 SA serves 2,000 children at their four centers. The grants extend Pre-K 4 SA’s reach, serving an additional 2,080 four-year-olds at varied pre-kindergarten programs throughout the city.

The $4.2 million grants created 171 full/part-time jobs with $330,000 allocated to technology, including the purchase of iPads and tablets. Collectively, $2.4 million was expended to increase the number of teachers, instructional assistants, support staff and extended day staff, while at the same time infusing the local economy with $1.8 million in service contracts, professional development, and technology as well as capital improvements to outdoor learning spaces.


Educators show grants impact on their pre-kindergarten programs at the
Pre-K 4 SA Grants Showcase held at The DoSeum on Feb. 23

Grants recipients will showcase how Pre-K 4 SA’s Competitive Grants impacted their pre-kindergarten programs at an event at The DoSeum on Feb. 23. Pre-K 4 SA Competitive Grants is part of the organization’s City of San Antonio charter to serve as the early childhood learning resource for the community. Pre-K 4 SA grants are on a two-year cycle with the next call for grant applications scheduled for Fall 2017.

“Pre-K 4 SA was designed to serve every four-year-old in the city,” said Pre-K 4 SA CEO Sarah Baray. “Our school districts, charter and parochial schools and child development centers play a huge role in making San Antonio a national benchmark for early childhood education. By working together, we establish that our city is about supporting our youngest learners.”