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List puts San Antonio jobs on the map

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

If you’re looking for a job, look no further than San Antonio jobs, which Forbes said is one of the best places for job seekers right now.

Forbes released its annual best and worst cities for jobs, and San Antonio ranks among the highest. The southern city expects to see its job numbers swing upwards dramatically in the next few months.

Forbes released the list in partnership with Manpower, the employment services firm.

ManpowerGroup has surveyed more than 18,000 employers in 100 metropolitan areas to find out who’s hiring, who’s firing and who plans to maintain their current staff levels in the third quarter of 2011, July through September.

According to the survey and Forbes, 20% anticipate an increase in staffing levels in their second quarter hiring plans, while 8% expect a decrease in payrolls. The difference between those numbers gives you what ManpowerGroup calls a net employment outlook of 12%