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Millennials with San Antonio jobs replace boomers

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

A recent survey from shows that people with San Antonio jobs are replacing boomers as the “me” generation in the workplace.

According to the survey, when it comes to having a Career vs. a Job, millennials aged 18-30 are the most positive (62%) that having a career is very much a reality in today’s work environment, even for America’s youngest workers.

Less than half (48%) of the original “Me” generation, baby boomers aged 51+, express confidence in the idea of a career being a reality.

The data suggests an understanding of work that is defined by age and experience, highlighting the contrast of millennials’ hopeful optimism-oriented point of view with baby boomers’ “been around the block” attitudes.

When asked to rate a series of attributes within the workplace to determine if it describes a career, a job or both equally, a majority of Americans indicated both jobs and careers equally provide a sense of personal accomplishment, lifelong earning potential, opportunities to make new contributions, and for alternate employment opportunities in the case of current job loss.

However, the responses varied quite significantly in the context of careers and jobs exclusively.

In the context of only careers, more than one third (37%) of millennials compared to only a quarter (26%) of baby boomers believe that a career provides a sense of accomplishment. In stark comparison, in the context of only jobs, virtually zero millennials, just 2%, believe a job can provide a sense of accomplishment.