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Companies hiring for healthcare jobs in San Antonio

November 2nd, 2016

A new post from jobs giant shows that companies may have hired last month for healthcare jobs in San Antonio.

These companies are making the biggest hires in September:

Company name # of jobs
1. Unitedhealth Group 1,481
2. Macy’s 930
3. TruGreen 742
4. Pilot Flying J 739
5. T-Mobile 551
6. Aflac 467
7. American Income 403
8. AT&T 398
9. Advantage Solutions 353
10. Brookdale Senior Living 333
11. Christus Health 311
12. Kindred Healthcare 297
13. KinderCare Education 266
14. UPS 265
15. Northrop Grumman 261
16. Good Samaritan Society 260
17. RehabCare 258
18. Aramark 210
19. Murphy Oil 208
20. Avon 197
21. Sprint 177
22. Wells Fargo 172
23. ESRI 171
24. The Bon-Ton 159
25. Younkers 145
26. NVIDIA Corporation 134
27. Liberty National Insurance 133
28. Rite Aid 122
29. Forever 21 121
30. National Vision 120
31. Herberger’s 115
32. Swift Tranport 106
33. Terminix 103
34. Carson’s 100
35. Ajilon 99
36. Ciber 98
37. Kenan Advantage Group 95
38. Enterprise Rent-a-Car 91
39. Power Home Remodeling 90
40. Saber Healthcare 88
41. Learning Care Group 87
42. RetailData 86
43. Life Care Centers of America 84
44. Sears 74
45. Maintenance Engineering 65
46. Clean Harbors 65
47. Oldcastle 62
48. PMA USA 61
49. Agfa 59
50. ABM 58

Manufacturing jobs in San Antonio unchanged?

October 7th, 2016

The number of manufacturing jobs in San Antonio may remain unchanged, according to the latest employment data.

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 156,000 in September. Thus far this year, job growth has averaged 178,000 per month, compared with an average of 229,000 per month in 2015. In September, employment gains occurred in professional and business services and in health care.

Professional and business services employment rose by 67,000 in September and has risen by 582,000 over the year. Over the month, job gains occurred in management and technical consulting services (+16,000), and employment continued to trend up in administrative and support services (+35,000). Health care added 33,000 jobs in September.

Ambulatory health care services added 24,000 jobs over the month, and employment rose by 7,000 in hospitals.

Over the past 12 months, health care has added 445,000 jobs. Employment in food services and drinking places continued to trend up in September (+30,000) and has increased by 300,000 over the year. Retail trade employment continued to trend up over the month (+22,000).

Within the industry, job gains occurred in clothing and clothing accessories stores (+14,000) and in gasoline stations (+8,000).

Over the year, employment in retail trade has risen by 317,000. Mining employment was unchanged in September after declining by 220,000 from a peak in September 2014.

Employment in other major industries, including construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, transportation and warehousing, information, financial activities, and government, changed little over the month. The average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls increased by 0.1 hour to 34.4 hours in September.

In manufacturing, the workweek increased by 0.1 hour to 40.7 hours, while overtime was unchanged at 3.3 hours. The average workweek for production and nonsupervisory employees on private nonfarm payrolls was unchanged at 33.5 hours.

Administrative jobs in San Antonio climb

October 7th, 2016

A new survey from Careerbuilder shows that administrative jobs in San Antonio may be growing.

According to CareerBuilder’s Q4 2016 U.S. Job Forecast, 47 percent of employers expect to increase pay for seasonal workers in Q4. Of those hiring seasonal employees, 75 percent will pay $10 or more per hour, up from 72 percent last year, and nearly 3 in 10 (28 percent) expect to pay $16 or more per hour, up from 19 percent last year.


One-third of employers (33 percent) expect to hire seasonal workers in Q4, the same as last year. An increasing number of these employers are viewing seasonal hiring as a means to test-drive candidates for more permanent roles. Sixty-two percent expect to hire some of their seasonal staff for full-time positions, up from 57 percent last year and a big leap from 42 percent two years ago.

While a significant number of employers will be increasing staff to meet demands of the busier holiday season, others are focused on wrapping up 2016 or getting ready for the New Year. Companies across industries are hiring seasonal workers for:

  • Customer Service – 37 percent
  • Administrative/Clerical Support – 19 percent
  • Accounting/Finance – 16 percent
  • Inventory Management – 16 percent
  • Shipping and Delivery – 16 percent
  • Technology – 15 percent
  • Marketing – 13 percent
  • Sales (non-retail) – 13 percent
  • Hosting/Greeting – 13 percent

Thirty-eight percent of employers added full-time, permanent headcount in Q3, relatively unchanged from 39 percent last year. Ten percent decreased headcount, on par with last year, while 50 percent made no change and 1 percent was unsure.

Region Permanent Hiring in Q4 2015 Permanent Hiring in Q4 2016 Seasonal Hiring in Q4 2015 Seasonal Hiring in Q4 2016
West 33% 39% 42% 40%
Northeast 32% 35% 28% 34%
South 36% 34% 33% 32%
Midwest 34% 29% 31% 27%


Grants may help some at-risk youth with San Antonio jobs

September 28th, 2016

A round of new grants are going towards some at-risk youth with San Antonio jobs.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced today the award of $80.3 million in YouthBuild grants to non-profit organizations in 35 states to help young people struggling to reach key educational and career milestones and to equip themselves to be successful in the workforce and engaged in their communities.

YouthBuild is a community-based, alternative education program that provides job training and educational opportunities for at-risk youth, ages 16-24. The grants announced today range from approximately $700,000 to $1.1 million each and will fund 77 YouthBuild programs.

“All young people are gifted and talented, and it is everyone’s responsibility to help draw out those gifts and talents,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez said. “YouthBuild provides young people with an important opportunity to gain the education and skills they need for good-paying jobs, while also helping them become more engaged members of their communities. That can mean everything to a young person who didn’t get the easiest start in life.”

The grants announced today will help approximately 5,000 at-risk youth complete high school or state equivalency degree programs; earn industry-recognized certifications within in-demand occupations; and gain construction skills training to build housing for low-income or homeless individuals and families in their communities.

To ensure that the nation’s most disadvantaged communities have access to funding – for the first time in the program’s history – priority consideration was given to organizations serving localities designated as Promise Zones. The department is awarding grants today to eight organizations specifically targeting seven Promise Zones: Camden, New Jersey; El Paso and San Antonio, Texas; Hartford, Connecticut; two communities within Los Angeles; San Diego; and St. Paul, Minnesota.


What is shaping the job market for San Antonio jobs?

September 8th, 2016

There may be several forces at work shaping the job market for San Antonio jobs.

CareerBuilder is releasing new research that sheds light on the marketplace in which they operate. CareerBuilder’s 2016 Labor Day study explores three key drivers of employment changes in the U.S., trends associated with each driver and occupations that are among those benefitting the most.

Lifestyle Changes Occupation Impacted Current Number of Jobs Number of Jobs Added 2012 to 2016 Percentage of Job Growth
2012 to 2016
People are choosing to eat out more, giving rise to the “foodie” generation. Cooks, Restaurant 1,219,433 164,804 16%
More people are embracing the sharing economy. (example: Uber) Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs 283,175 37,023 15%
America is becoming more health-conscious. Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors 309,519 33,303 12%
Families are more careful with finances after the last recession. Personal Financial Advisors 257,493 29,913 13%
More people are choosing to bank and shop online. Information Security Analysts 86,563 9,342 12%
Couples are postponing having children until later in life. Obstetricians and Gynecologists 25,219 1,082 4%
Technology Advancement Occupation Impacted Current Number of Jobs Number of Jobs Added 2012 to 2016 Percentage of Job Growth
2012 to 2016
There’s an “app” for everything and “smart” technology is moving beyond phones to clothes, homes and more. Software Developers, Applications 772,195 112,045 17%
Technology has made advertising become more intuitive and effective based on ability to track and interpret online behavior. Marketing Managers 208,611 19,024 10%
Technology has become ingrained in everyday life and is how people stay connected. Computer User Support Specialists 665,646 63,849 11%
Technology is catching health disorders sooner and extending lives. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians 198,831 14,451 8%
Technology is enabling companies to corral and interpret big data to make better business decisions. Database Administrators 120,476 9,794 9%
Technology is integrated into countless consumer and business products with new offerings and iterations released all the time. Technical Writers 55,129 5,381 11%
Globalization Occupation Impacted Current Number of Jobs Number of Jobs Added 2012 to 2016 Percentage of Job Growth
2012 to 2016
Companies are serving customers in different time zones, meaning workers are needed at all hours. Customer Service Representatives 2,674,925 225,910 9%
Companies are looking to gain a greater understanding of international markets they’re targeting. Market Research Analysts 532,336 67,551 15%
Expanding beyond borders is requiring communication in different languages. Interpreters and Translators 78,455 9,845 14%
There is greater emphasis on preserving the global environment. Wind Turbine Service Technicians 7,061 1,889 37%
Maps for mobile phones and navigation systems are in demand as people explore new terrain. Cartographers and Photogrammetrists 13,193 1,802 16%

Did Accenture add tech jobs in San Antonio?

September 6th, 2016

The news on the straight may be that Accenture, as promised earlier, added tech jobs in San Antonio.

Accenture Federal Services said earlier this year it is expanding its Technology and Innovation Center in San Antonio, Texas, adding 300 new jobs by the end of 2016. This expansion brings the total number of Accenture Federal Services employees in San Antonio to 1,400 by the end of the year.

The San Antonio center, which opened in 2015, will also house the Accenture Federal SAP HANA Center of Excellence – a full-service SAP HANA innovation and delivery hub for Accenture’s federal clients across the United States. The SAP HANA in-memory technology platform enables innovation through better decision-making, simplified processes and increased systems agility. The platform combines advanced analytics capabilities with technology to improve performance in critical functions such as logistics, human capital management, finance and security.

The center will also connect to and leverage expertise from Accenture Technology Labs, Accenture Global Delivery Network, Centers of Excellence and Industry Solution Centers.

“This expanded Technology and Innovation Center accelerates our ability to help more federal clients implement digital-first while helping improve the way citizens work and live,” said David Moskovitz, Accenture Federal Services chief executive.

By expanding the Technology and Innovation Center and establishing the SAP HANA Center of Excellence, Accenture expects to help equip its federal agency clients to address an array of challenges as they seek to glean deeper insights from data, improve decision-making processes, and leverage advanced analytics, mobility and the cloud.

“Accenture is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace that enables our people to be successful — and will help attract San Antonio’s top talent.  We believe that our diversity makes us stronger, smarter, more innovative and better able to help solve our customer’s most complex problems,” added Moskovitz.

Will scholarships go towards STEM jobs in San Antonio?

September 5th, 2016

Scholarships given out by Payscale may go towards STEM jobs in San Antonio.

Recently Payscale announced the inaugural recipients of their Women in STEM Scholarship.

After reviewing more than 7,000 applications, PayScale has awarded a $2,000 scholarship to two exceptional young women to help them pursue their STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) education and follow their dreams.

Here is a brief bio of each winner:

Mariam Verich, 18, Houston, Texas

Mariam Verich’s application rose to the top of the high school student category because of her incredible drive to impact the world using a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Verich, who was the only woman on her school’s state-champion robotics team, will be the first person in her family to attend college. She aspires to a professional career conducting research and finding cures for diseases like rare cancers. Verich is motivated by her community and the drive to give back.

Says Verich:  “I’m hell-bent on destroying the notion that women can’t be successful in the STEM field, and I have to prove a point to all the people who doubted me solely based on the fact that I am a woman.” 

Han Ngo, 20, Los Angeles, Calif.

Ngo is currently a student at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she is pursuing a degree in biochemistry. In high school, Ngo excelled in STEM classes like AP chemistry and discovered that she was genuinely interested in the subject. Now Ngo wants to use her knowledge to carry out research that will better the lives of those around her, specifically those who suffer from forms of diabetes. After earning her Bachelor of Science at UCLA, she plans to go on to graduate school to prepare for a career in research.

Will software jobs in San Antonio be lost?

August 8th, 2016

The number of software jobs in San Antonio may decline, according to a recent survey from Careerbuilder.

The U.S. economy is expected to add 7,232,517 jobs over the next five years — a 5 percent increase — but a new study from CareerBuilder and Emsi shows that workers in middle-wage jobs may not find as many opportunities.

High-wage and low-wage occupations are each projected to grow 5 percent from 2016 to 2021, but middle-wage jobs are only estimated to grow 3 percent. At the same time, 61 percent of the 173 occupations expected to lose jobs over the next five years are in the middle-wage category.

The following is a list of occupations that rank among the top for projected growth or declines in employment for each wage category from 2016 to 2021. Each of the growing occupations listed are those adding at least 50,000 jobs over the next five years.

Growing High-Wage Occupations

Occupation 2016 Jobs 2021 Jobs Jobs Added
2016 – 2021
2016 – 2021
% Change
Software Developers, Applications 772,195 861,122 88,927 12%
Computer Systems Analysts 600,001 671,245 71,244 12%
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists 532,336 590,363 58,027 11%
Management Analysts 798,484 870,713 72,229 9%
Registered Nurses 2,870,340 3,116,957 246,617 9%

Declining High-Wage Occupations

Occupation 2016 Jobs 2021 Jobs Jobs Added
2016 – 2021
2016 – 2021
% Change
Postal Service Mail Carriers 303,325 279,023 (24,302) (8%)
Reporters and Correspondents 47,501 44,063 (3,438) (7%)
Construction Managers 368,245 350,774 (17,471) (5%)
Real Estate Sales Agents 415,006 400,417 (14,589) (4%)
First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating
622,435 617,020 (5,415) (1%)


Staying out of politics and San Antonio jobs

July 31st, 2016

It may be important to keep politics away from the workplace at San Antonio jobs, according to a recent Careerbuilder survey.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 3 in 10 employers (30 percent) and nearly 1 in 5 employees (17 percent) have argued with a co-worker over a particular candidate this election season, most often about presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Overall, 19 percent of employers have argued with a co-worker over Donald Trump vs. 17 percent over Hillary Clinton. While both male and female employers say they have debated with a co-worker over Trump most (22 percent of men, 16 percent of women), men are nearly twice as likely as women to say they’ve argued with a co-worker over Clinton (21 percent vs. 11 percent).

When it comes to employees, 13 percent have argued with a co-worker over Donald Trump and 8 percent have argued over Hillary Clinton. Male employees (20 percent) reported a higher incidence of arguing politics at work than female employees (15 percent). Comparing age groups, younger workers (ages 18-24) are the most likely to report engaging in heated political debates at work at 24 percent.

Workers are often urged to remain politically correct, but according to most, their workplaces are censoring them too much. Half of workers (50 percent) and nearly 6 in 10 employers (59 percent) believe the workplace has become too politically correct in America, and a third of employees (33 percent) are afraid to voice certain opinions because they feel they may not be considered politically correct.

More than half of workers (55 percent) describe their workplace or management (59 percent) as politically correct.

And although more than a fifth of workers (22 percent) say political correctness has made their business stronger, more than a third (34 percent) say it has hindered business, making people tiptoe around issues and afraid to speak their minds instead of addressing the issues head on.

While most workers choose to keep political debates outside of the workplace, those who like a little healthy debate should keep it at that – healthy. To avoid letting political talk turn sour, Haefner says managers should:

  • Recognize there’s a thin line between freedom of expression and a potential source of conflict. Consider providing respect and dignity behavioral training to all employees and emphasize tolerance for different ideas, beliefs and needs.
  • Ensure your harassment policies and harassment complaint system are posted and that employees are trained in the process. Similarly, make sure employees are aware of any guidelines that prohibit bringing campaign materials into the office.
  • Create a culture of open dialogue and mutual respect, but if conversations do turn heated, encourage employees to walk away.


ApprenticeshipUSA to boost San Antonio labor jobs

July 31st, 2016

Some new contracts will go to boost San Antonio labor jobs through the ApprenticeshipUSA initiative.

As part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s historic investments in the ApprenticeshipUSA initiative, the department’s Employment and Training  Administration said announced it is seeking to award three to five contracts to workforce intermediaries, including community-based organizations; labor organizations; or workforce, industry and education organizations to develop national or regional “opportunity partnerships.”

The agency expects these partnerships to increase gender, racial, ethnic and other demographic diversity and inclusion in apprenticeships, among traditionally underrepresented populations. These contracts focus specifically on increasing apprenticeship opportunities for women, people of color, and people with disabilities.

This is the fourth installment of a $90 million funding strategy to grow and diversify apprenticeship announced in April 2016. They follow an unprecedented $175 million investment in apprenticeship announced by the Obama administration in September 2015. The ApprenticeshipUSA initiative’s goal is to double the number of Registered Apprenticeship programs nationwide.

“When it comes to expanding apprenticeships to help traditionally underrepresented populations share in the growth of our economy and blaze a trail to the middle class, we cannot take our foot off the pedal,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez. “This project and $90 million in ApprenticeshipUSA investments  demonstrate our commitment to continue to diversify our pool of apprentices and break down barriers to opportunity in this proven earn-while-you-learn model.”

The contracts intend to increase the number of opportunities for underrepresented populations to successfully prepare for, enter and complete Registered Apprenticeship programs. Specifically, contractors will:

  • Identify, develop and disseminate tools and strategies that increase access, entry and retention in Registered Apprenticeships for underrepresented populations.
  • Through partnerships and direct technical assistance to Registered Apprenticeship sponsors, help apprenticeship programs develop diversity and inclusion plans and implement strategies that increase the diversity of workers entering and completing Registered Apprenticeship programs successfully.
  • Support the continued replication and scaling of successful diversity and inclusion practices.