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San Antonio finance jobs paying well?

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Many employers may be paying a solid wage for San Antonio finance jobs, according to a recent survey from Careerbuilder.

Fifty-three percent of employers offering summer jobs have roles that pay $15 or more per hour on average. Seventy-two percent of employers will pay their summer hires $10 or more per hour on average – up from 64 percent in 2014.

Seasonal hiring is expected to take a nice jump this summer. More than a third of private-sector employers (36 percent) are hiring seasonal workers this summer, up from 30 percent last year and an average of 21 percent from 2008-2011.

IT firms and financial services employers are among the first in line for summer workers; leisure and hospitality employers, however, lead all industries.

Employers hiring seasonal workers

Leisure & Hospitality: 50 percent
Financial Services: 48 percent
Information Technology: 46 percent
Retail: 42 percent
Manufacturing: 39 percent
Transportation: 37 percent
Health Care: 26 percent

A wide majority of employers hiring this summer –77 percent – say they will consider some summer hires for permanent positions. Employers say that workers who proactively ask for more responsibilities, are unafraid to contribute ideas, and are forward about their desire to stay on after the summer are the best positioned to turn the temporary job permanent.