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San Antonio labor jobs get a boost from SEO firm

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

An SEO firm is helping to fill San Antonio labor jobs by connecting locals with experts who can do the job.

AM Appliance Service, professional appliance repairmen serving homes throughout the San Antonio region, is announcing their new online collaboration with Prospect Genius. By choosing to work with this search engine optimization company, AM Appliance Service hopes to reach out more effectively to the local homeowners in their area who require oven repair, washing machine repair, and just about any other major appliance repair service.

In years past, local professionals were well served by simply advertising in telephone books. However, with today’s increasingly technological atmosphere, print advertisements often are no longer enough. In part, this is due to the shear volume of business conducted via the Web. Up to 60% of individuals report that they utilize the Internet when they are looking for service providers to perform services such as appliance repair, maintenance, and other professional services.

As a result, companies without an effective Web presence miss out on substantial numbers of clients, simply because customers seeking their services can’t find their company online. AM Appliance Service, in hiring Prospect Genius, is working to increase their exposure online to maintain maximum visibility and achieve the greatest possible success for their business.

Matt Gallo, spokesman and marketing expert for Prospect Genius, comments, “SEO is a powerful tool for optimizing a business’s Web presence, especially for local companies. Homeowners are already searching online for services like washing machine repair and dryer repair; by harnessing the power of search engine optimization to make their company more visible on results pages, AM Appliance Service can help ensure that the property owners in their area are better able to find their company online.”