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San Antonio small business jobs on the rise

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

According to a new survey, San Antonio small business jobs are increasing.

SurePayroll, the online alternative in payroll services, recently released December results for its monthly Small Business Scorecard showing a promising trend of small business owners expressing optimism about the economy. SurePayroll’s Small Business Scorecard optimism score climbed to 63 percent in December compared to 53 percent in the previous two months, and up from only 33 percent in September.

“We saw caution in 2011, but the leading indicators suggest 2012 looks positive,” said SurePayroll CEO and President Michael Alter. “The sun is on the horizon. Optimism is higher, 50 percent plan to hire and wages look to go up.”

Year-over-year Scorecard data shows a hiring decline of 3.2 percent and wages down 0.8 percent. The South saw positive growth in hiring (0.5 percent) and wages (0.4 percent) over the course of the year. The rest of the country was in the red, aside from a slight wages increase (0.1 percent) in the Northeast.

For December 2011, the Scorecard, which also includes hiring and wage data for the top 35 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas, reveals month-over-month declines in nationwide hiring (-0.2 percent) and wages (-0.3 percent). Regionally, it was a similar story, with the Midwest, Northeast and West showing modest declines across the board, and the South remaining flat in hiring and down slightly in wages.

Despite the sluggishness of 2011, the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard’s optimism survey shows some very positive signs for 2012.

  • Along with optimism being up to 63 percent, the highest it has been since June, the survey also shows 50 percent of small business owners planning to hire in 2012.
  • Meanwhile, 56 percent plan to increase wages for some or all of their employees in the new year.
  • Only 2 percent plan to cut wages.