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Stress prompts workers to search for additional San Antonio jobs

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

A new poll from Monster shows that many employees have left San Antonio jobs due to high stress, among other locations.

About 42% of US respondents have left a job due to an overly stressful environment; workplace stress has also caused an additional 35% to consider changing jobs.

Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities, asked visitors to their site the question, “Has stress from work ever driven you to a job change?” and received over 6,700 responses. US findings included:

42% of respondents answered “I have purposely changed jobs due to a stressful work environment”
35% of respondents answered “I thought about changing my job because of a stressful work environment”

The survey, which generated over 900 responses, revealed:

The most commonly reported workplace stressors include: supervisor relationship (40%) amount of work (39%) work-life balance (34%) and coworker relationships (31%)
61% of respondents believe that workplace stress has been the cause of an illness
46% of respondents have missed time at work due to work-related stress; 7% report illness so severe it caused hospitalization
84% of respondents claim that their stressful job has impacted their personal lives; 26% report sleepless nights, 24% report depression, 21% report family or relationship issues, and 19% report physical ailments
The most common methods of coping with work-related stress include: talking to a friend/colleague/spouse (55%), exercising (40%), eating (35%), stepping away from work (35%), taking a day off (32%), and drinking after work (24%)
When asked “What does your office do to help alleviate stress in the workplace?” 13% of respondents answered “extra time-off”; 11% answered “ability to work from home”; and 66% answered “nothing.”