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Survey looks at nursing jobs in San Antonio

Monday, May 19th, 2014

A new survey from Careerbuilder provides a glimpse into nursing jobs in San Antonio, among other locations around the country.

According to the survey, nearly all nursing professionals (93 percent) are satisfied with being a nurse and 85 percent are unlikely to ever switch careers.

While direct patient care takes up 38 percent of a nurses’ time (more than any other function), 41 percent feel they are spending less time on patient care than five years ago / beginning of their career. A majority (52 percent) say there are spending more time on notes and documentation related to patient care than five years ago/ beginning of their career, while a third are spending more time on administrative tasks (33%).

Fifty-seven percent of nurses think technology-based tools help them do their job more effectively; however, 46 percent think technology has made patient care more de-personalized.

Nurses are generally not optimistic about how the Affordable Care Act will affect their work. Forty-seven percent feel the reforms will have a negative effect on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of patient care and 31 percent think it will have a positive effect. Twenty-three percent anticipate the reforms will have no effect.

About 4 in 10 nurses (43 percent) plan to stay in their current setting – e.g. hospital or ambulatory – for at least 5 years. Home care and skilled nursing professionals are the most likely to be currently looking for a new setting. Ambulatory nurses are the least likely to look for a new setting.

Most nurses (54 percent) who want to move to a new area of nursing want to do so for a better work/life balance. Pay is the second leading factor (43 percent).

Acute care hospitals are seen as the most rewarding nursing setting by 25 percent of nurses. A combination of acute, specialty, and ambulatory follows with 17 percent. Specialty care hospitals are seen as the most rewarding by only 4 percent.

Many nurses appear content with never stepping into a management role. Thirty-seven percent of nurses have not worked in a management role and have no plans to.