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Training grants go to boost San Antonio jobs

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

A new round of training will go to boost San Antonio jobs.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has awarded 26 grants totaling $5 million to public community and technical colleges and independent school districts for programs that focus on supporting high-demand occupations through the Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) grant program.

“I congratulate these JET grant recipients as they work to enhance educational curriculum and high-demand job training for students in our high schools and community colleges,” said TWC Chairman Andres Alcantar. “Through innovative partnerships between employers and educators, Texas students will have the education and skills to succeed in the workplace.”

Qualifying educational institutions were awarded a grant for the development of programs or courses leading to a license, certificate or post-secondary degree. TWC previously awarded 25 grants totaling $4,986,000 to public community and technical colleges and independent school districts. The equipment provided through these funds were used to train 5,394 students for jobs in high-demand occupations.

“By partnering with local colleges and independent school districts, these grants will prepare our future workforce to meet the needs of Texas employers for high-demand occupations,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Ruth R. Hughs. “These grants will focus on advanced technical training, and will keep our Texas businesses competitive and our economy growing.”

The JET program provides funding for equipment to eligible educational institutions for the purpose of developing career and technical education courses and may include courses offering dual-credit and technical education programs. The equipment must be used to train students for jobs in high-demand occupations.

“The JET program is one of several initiatives administered by TWC to help prepare workers with high-demand job skills through the development of career and technical education programs,” said Commissioner Representing Labor Julian Alvarez. “These investments help meet existing and emerging needs in our communities, while creating opportunities for our students.”

The JET Advisory Board was established to assist TWC in administering these grants. The six-member board meets at least once each quarter, or as needed, to review applications and make recommendations on grant awards.