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VMC hiring for IT jobs in San Antonio

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

VMC Consulting is expanding and will hire about 600 people for various positions including IT jobs in San Antonio.

The technology consulting and outsourcing company will hire 600 people between now and Labor Day. Positions will be in “build” services, IT infrastructure, data center and help desk support as “run” services, and customer care solutions including end-user and technical support, sales and retention support as “support” services.

The positions will be at the San Antonio contact center.

In addition, growth for technology support services within their existing clients and new clients is fueling the need for about 150 new employees a month for the next four months in the Brooks City-Base location.

All jobs will be full-time and long-term.

They will be Tier 1 Technical Support positions at VMC Consulting, for people with contact center and technical experience.

Positions are available for all shifts, including days, evenings and weekends. All full-time positions include benefits.

The San Antonio contact center opened in December of 2010, with an estimate for 600 total jobs for the facility. After this summer hiring goal is met, the contact center will have almost 900 employees.