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Workers with San Antonio jobs participating in March Madness?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Employees with San Antonio jobs and other jobs around the country may also be busy this month with their tournament brackets.

A new CareerBuilder survey suggests more workers will be checking their brackets at the office.

Approximately one in seven (15 percent) of U.S. workers said they plan to participate in office pools this year; that’s up from the 11 percent who planned to do so in 2014. Twenty percent of all U.S workers said they’ve participated in an NCAA Tournament office pool in the past.

Industry: Workers in IT and sales lead all industries/professions in office pool participation.
•IT – 40 percent
•Sales – 33 percent
•Financial Services – 30 percent
•Retail – 27 percent
•Health Care (offices with more than 50 employees) – 19 percent
•Leisure/Hospitality – 14 percent

Sports, however, is not the only vehicle for workplace betting. The following are other, often unusual, examples shared by U.S. workers:
•Employees bet on who would become the next pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
•Employees predicted when a colleague’s current relationship would end.
•Employees made Bingo cards of common complaints made by a coworker.
•Employees guessed the number of protein coding genes in the human genome.
•Employees bet on who would hookup with who at the company holiday party.
•Employees predicted the weekly eliminations on the Bachelor reality TV competition.
•Employees predicted the next coworker to quit.