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Rates and Services is pleased to offer additional services that can streamline your online recruitment process.

Click on the links below to see how can get you closer to finding top candidates.

To obtain information or purchase products and services, please contact your recruitment advertising agency, newspaper representative or e-mail

For all recognized recruitment advertising agencies, pricing is commissionable for the online only products. Please contact to process your request.

» Online Job Postings

Individual Postings
$150 for 30 days

Unlimited Postings
$500 for 30 days
Find the candidates you need, and help them to find you.
  • Steady exposure to the best local talent
  • Maximum coverage with huge savings
*Contact for more info on packages.

» Resume Access

$250 for 30 days
$2,000 for 12 months
Actively search for top local candidates, at your convenience.
  • Grants you 24-hour access to candidate database
  • Automatically delivers profiles of your top candidates, right to your inbox

» Company Profile

$50 for 30 days
Brand your company as local employer of choice and provide direct links to all your active postings on

» Banner Ads

Homepage Banner Ads
$250 for 30 days
Spotlight your employer brand, and attract the best talent.
  • Provide greater visibility, appearing when a job seeker clicks on the homepage
  • Link user directly to your company Web site

Featured Employer
$500 for 30 days
  • Company logo appears in rotation when job seekers visit the homepage
  • Drives job seekers to your job listings or company Web site

Targeted Banner Ads
  • "Targeted" according to candidate's geographical and/or categorical search parameters
  • "Targeted" according to non-search related pages
  • Links user directly to your company Web site
  • Cost based on CPM
Contact for pricing.